Liam Neeson's 'Taken' Character Will Endorse Your Skills on LinkedIn

Competiton Promotes Launch of 'Taken 3'

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Dec 15, 2014

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One of Liam Neeson's infamous lines in the film "Taken" was "I do have a very particular set of skills." These words serve as inspiration for a fun LinkedIn campaign promoting the upcoming third installment of the franchise, "Taken 3." The networking platform has set up a competition for fans of the film to win a video of Mr. Neeson giving them some serious props.

Playing his vigilante character Bryan Mills, Mr. Neeson will endorse the "particular set of skills" pulled from the winning fan's LinkedIn profile; the competition runs till December 23 with the winner announced January 4.

In this promotional video, created by entertainment marketing agency Trailer Park on behalf of 20th Century Fox, Neeson / Mills invites fans to apply to be a member of his team, highlighting his own skills in "contract negotiations," 'international relations" and more. Fans of the movies will know these don't exactly involve sitting around a desk.

The campaign is the latest in a series of innnovative attempts by LinkedIn to use iconic characters to market itself. Earlier this year, it gave Barbie her own LinkedIn page and it also created a competition around the launch of the Forest Whitaker movie "The Butler."