Kevin Spacey is a Type E 'Talent Scout' in New E-Trade Work

New Non-Baby Work Features Actor at a Buffet

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Apr 14, 2014

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Earlier this month, E-Trade's new agency Ogilvy debuted a new set of non-baby spots for the brokerage. They introduced to us "Type E," -- the kind of smart investors that the brokerage is designed for, via a musical spot and a set of print ads. Now, the agency launches its second wave of work for the campaign. It features Mr. House of Cards himself, Kevin Spacey, playing the part of a talent scout on the lookout for smart, Type E investors. The spot features the actor at a buffet, complimenting a hungry diner on his interesting mix of food items.

Ad Age spoke to E-Trade CMO Liza Landsman when the earlier work came out. She said the company picked Mr. Spacey for the campaign because the actor was smart and had a modern sensibility. His work with "House of Cards," proved also that he was disruptive -- to the television category -- in the same way E-Trade was changing things in the investing category.