A Selfie-Obsessed Teen Has an Ulterior Motive in This Moving Ad

Spot by Norway Telecom Brand Talkmore Portrays a Father-Daughter Relationship

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Jul 24, 2017

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A teenage girl annoys her dad with selfish selfies in a spot for Norwegian low cost mobile brand Talkmore -- but could there be an ulterior motive?

The ad, created by Oslo agency Try and directed by Marius Holst of Fantefilm, backed by Willie Nelson's version of the Elvis song "Always on my Mind," sees the pink-haired teen photographing herself finishing the family milk and putting the empty carton back in the fridge, being careless with her father's neatly-arranged records, messing up the garden sprinkler and proudly showing off her untidy room.

Her father is quietly furious, and when it's time for her to leave home you can see he hasn't quite forgiven her as they say goodbye at the airport. But as the days go by without a letter, he's clearly missing her more and more.

Finally, he receives a series of texts that reveal that her selfies were all a ploy -- to remind him of her messy habits so he doesn't miss her too much. It's made all the more poignant by the music, and the fact that she seems to be in the military -- which is perhaps why the parents are anxiously staring at the TV during her absence. The endline reads, "It doesn't have to cost much to mean much."

While the selfish-teen-with-a-twist is a story that we've seen done before -- notably, in Apple's Emmy-winning 2013 spot "Misunderstood" -- this is a well-acted and moving take on the idea.


Jul 24, 2017

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