Snickers Plays on Dialect Differences in Clever U.S. Hispanic Campaign for Crisper

Ads From LatinWorks Are Based on a Cultural Insight

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Apr 24, 2016

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Snickers has been advertising its Crisper product so far with a U.S. campaign that centers on made-up words combining hunger symptoms -- like "dimpatient." But in this campaign for a U.S. Hispanic audience, it does something different, and cleverer. It plays on real words that have different meanings in different Latin American countries. That's a cultural nuance that taps into the reality of U.S. Hispanics who encounter a rich variety of Spanish in their everyday lives because Latins come from so many different backgrounds and countries, including Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Central America and more.

For example, in one spot about a guy getting a tattoo (seen here), alarm bells start to go off when he's told the tattoo artist is "rajon." In Costa Rica, a "rajon" is a show off, but in Mexico, it means a coward. We see two funny alternative scenarios of what could happen. In another spot featuring a team of movers, one is told that the new guy on the team is "abombado." In Uruguay, that means "foolish," while in Venezuela it means "diva."

The endline in both is that Snickers Crisper could sort out either of those problems -- which ties in with the "hunger keeps inventing new problems" message from the original Crisper campaign.

The campaign is by Austin-based LatinWorks, which said in a statement that the idea is based on the insight that growing up Hispanic in the U.S. means people are likely to encounter different dialects of Spanish on a daily basis, and therefore different definitions of the same word.

The campaign also includes a social extension of the online video campaign on YouTube, asking viewers to decide the fate of the commercials' lead characters.


Apr 25, 2016
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Third Ear
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