Hyundai Turns Beloved Old Cars Into Works of Art

Emotional Campaign From Korea Taps Into Drivers' Love Affair With Their Vehicles

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Feb 25, 2015

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Hyundai tapped into the emotional connection people have with their cars in a campaign from Korea that turned vehicles destined for the scrapyard into works of art. Agency Postvisual, part of JWT, tracked down the discarded cars of four different people in these films -- a taxi driver who drove his cab for 20 years, an actor who courted his wife in his car, a photographer who used his van for work and an emigrant who sold her car to raise money for a new life abroad. Then, a team of artists turned the cars into sculptures which represent something about the owner's life and memory of the time he or she spent in it -- for example, as seen here, the taxi driver's cab became a sofa made out of its leather seats, with a flashing "taxi" sign on the top. The tagline of the campaign is "We return your brilliant memories back to you."

The films were uploaded onto Hyundai's YouTube channel in October 2014. Within two months, the campaign garnered 5.95 million views, was covered on television and in newspapers and magazines, and won the Korean Advertising & PR Practitioner's Society 2014 Advertising of the Year award.