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People say when you're a fan, you're a fan for life. But that may be a little shortsighted.

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Jul 31, 2012

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It's not crazy, it's sports -- even if you're dead. Errol Morris and Wieden & Kennedy New York get a little bit dark with their latest work for ESPN, an eight-minute documentary film about sports fans that take their fanatacisim with them to the afterlife.

The film features interviews with funeral directors, tombstone-carvers and families of the sports-crazed deceased. Mr. Morris is also heard intermittently, asking questions. Among the highlights is a funeral where the minister wore a Cowboys jersey under his suit, a Baltimore Orioles casket and a hearse decked out in Ravens flags.

Classic title cards introduce each of the deceased, and there is footage and clever dialogue that makes an otherwise macabre topic somewhat light-hearted. Of course, the film is beautifully shot by Morris, with close-up interviews and gorgeous pictures of the fixtures of a funeral parlor. And it ends with a pretty clever tagline, that will draw chuckles, even if they are a little uncomfortable.

The campaign will also feature 15, 30 and 60-second trailers.


Aug 01, 2012
Wieden & Kennedy-New York
Errol Morris
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