Mind Over Matter? This Renault Is Controlled by Athletes' Brainwaves

Technology Powers a Stunt by Edelman Deportivo for the Renault Kadjar in Sweden

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Nov 02, 2017

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What if you could control a car using only your brain? Renault has set out to find out, in a fascinating experiment by Swedish agency Edelman Deportivo.

The brand staged the stunt with a re-engineered Renault Kadjar SUV, and three Swedish athletes equipped with emotiv-headsets that read brain waves. One controlled turning left one turning right, and one accleration, and the idea was for them to work together as a team. (The three are competing in the En Svensk Klassiker, or Swedish Classic Circuit, of which Renault is a sponsor). After some practice on a simulator, in which they crashed, they drove a real car on a circuit -- albeit very slowly-- and were successful.

While we can't see mind-driving becoming popular any time soon (surely self-driving cars are safer) it's definitely an interesting use of neuroscientific technology to market a car brand.