Teddy Bears Multiply in the Wash in This Cute Samsung Spot

Ad From Ukraine Promotes AddWash Feature

Published On
Mar 21, 2017

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Samsung is promoting its new AddWash feature, which allows you to add washing to a machine load mid-cycle, in the Ukraine with a cute cinema ad that centers around a little girl and her family of teddy bears.

In the spot, the two bears need a wash after the little girl "feeds" them strawberry jam. She wants to watch them going around in the machine, but falls asleep, and her parents secretly add something else to the wash: a baby bear. (We can't help wondering if that will cause some issues when she wants to find out how babies are made, later on.)

Maxim Kysonda at Esse House directed the spot, for Cheil in Ukaine.

Olga Kravchuk, the marketing manager at Samsung Electronics Ukraine, said: "Our goal was to create a washing machine ad that was incredibly soul-stirring and memorable, telling a story that would touch people emotionally not just rationally. To tell a human story featuring a washing machine is new because all other washing machine ads simply show you the product specification, function, design and efficiency."