Phone Conversations With Your Bank Become Hollywood-Style Adventure Movies in This ING Campaign

Ads by Rosapark Convey the Urgency of Customer Conversations

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Jan 19, 2018

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Calling your bank might not seem like the most exciting of activities, but in a new French campaign from ING, real-life customer phone calls are transformed into Hollywood movies.

The spots, by agency Rosapark, are based on recorded phone calls beteween customers and ING, but turned into movie scenarios with the words delivered accordingly. For example, as seen here, in one spot a conversation about getting a loan to buy a duplex becomes an Indiana Jones-style adventure with a man being rescued from a temple of crocodiles. In another spot, a conversation about a lost credit card becomes a sci-fi "Forbidden Planet"-style movie involving a dramatic rescue from a clifftop.

Each scenario aims at conveying how urgently the client perceives their problem when they call the bank, and the fact that the right answer, at the right time, can "save their life." According to the agency, in a recent OpinionWay poll, 86% of French people found it increasingly difficult to get hold of someone in client services. Nearly half of those surveyed felt like they were viewed as numbers on a sheet.

The ads were directed by Nalle Sjoblad via Birth, with original, cinematic-style music composed by Laurent Perez Del Mar. They're airing online, on TV and in cinemas, accompanied by outdoor in Paris and Lyon, with movie-style posters featuring sci-fi rescue scenarios.