Mark Wahlberg Lays Down New Rules for Entertainment Watching in Campaign for AT&T

James Marsden, Tracy Morgan and Dramatic Chipmunk Also Make Cameos

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Apr 21, 2017

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Mark Wahlberg says "the entertainment-loving people of America" should be able to watch their favorite TV when and how they want in a celebrity-filled campaign for AT&T that pulls together the telco giant's various offerings.

The campaign, called "Terms & Conditions," pitches AT&T's DirecTV, internet service and wireless service by describing how customers can stream shows and live TV across their devices using AT&T with unlimited data. It was created out of BBDO and directed by Pony Show's Peter Berg, who also shot Wahlberg in feature films "Patriots Day" and "Lone Survivor."

"We don't want just some of our television on [the phone], we want all of it -- all our favorite shows and live channels. Even C-SPAN," Wahlberg says in one spot as he and actor and comedian Rob Corddry tuck a dozing politician in with a pillow and blanket. Then, he whispers: "A valuable and underappreciated public service." In myriad scenes, celebrities including Tracy Morgan, James Marsden and iconic meme Dramatic Chipmunk drop in for cameos. Other spots show Wahlberg touring a house in which every room is a TV room or punching an "unlimited" number of robots and strolling across a beach amidst an "unlimited" number of romances.

The campaign is the first time AT&T has brought all of its product lines together under one campaign with the same message, according to Brad Bentley, exec VP-marketing at AT&T Entertainment Group.

"Mark collaborated with us on these ads, along with director Peter Berg, over the course of a few months as we talked through how to best get his message across," Bentley said in an emailed statement.

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