A Turkey Becomes One of the Family in This Hilariously Adorable Vodafone Spot

But What Will Happen When Christmas Comes?

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Nov 30, 2015

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In Vodafone's U.K. festive spot this year, a family acquire a baby turkey and raise him for their Christmas feast. As he grows from cute chick to huge bird, he becomes one of the family, featuring in funny vignettes such as skateboarding, following kids home from school and wecloming the family home. But when Christmas finally comes, what's going to happen?

The spot is beautifully directed (by Kevin Thomas of Thomas Thomas) and the music choice (Westlife's Flying Without Wings) is also perfect. Full marks, too, for managing to insert a range of mobile devices, including tablets and phones, into the story without their being too obtrusive. For example, Dad looks up how to raise a turkey on his tablet, and the family take selfies with their feathered pal.

Grey London created the campaign, which will will also feature shortened 10-second videos of "Terry the Turkey" highlighting some of the offers at Vodafone this festive season.