This 'machine' checks men's balls (anonymously) for testicular cancer

FCB New Zealand developed the 'Testimatic' to encourage self-checking--without the embarrassment

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Dec 04, 2018
Testicular Cancer NZ: World First Auto Ball Checker

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Testicular Cancer New Zealand came up with a fun PR stunt recently to encourage men to check themselves for signs of cancer -- a "machine" that both saves their embarrassment at being examined by a doctor and teaches them how to do it themselves. 

FCB New Zealand developed the "Testimatic" and launched it at the New Zealand Big Boys Toys fair, which also displays products like cars, speedboats and barbecues. While billed as a "machine," it's basically just a booth with a hole. Men step in and a doctor's hand reaches through the opening to examine their testicles, without seeing their face. The process takes 30 seconds and aims to show men how easy a self-check is. 

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer affecting New Zealand men aged between 15-39 and is one of the most treatable cancers if detected early, with a survival rate of 95 per cent. Despite this, Graeme Woodside, CEO of Testicular Cancer NZ, says most New Zealand men aren’t self-checking regularly.

Tony Clewett, executive creative director at FCB, comments: “The aim was to come up with a concept that was quirky enough to work as a conversation starter with men, giving us the opportunity to explain the importance of men self-checking regularly. We then used the uniqueness of the ‘Testimatic’ to gain the attention of media. Journalists from overseas were even calling, to find out if the machine was legitimate. This gave us the opportunity to spread our messaging worldwide.”



Dec 04, 2018
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FCB-New Zealand
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Testicular Cancer New Zealand
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