Watch Your Least Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes Get (Literally) Blown Up

Cranberry Sauce, Green Bean Casserole and More Get the Dynamite Treatment Thanks to Century21

Published On
Nov 26, 2014

Editor's Pick

Do we spot a trend for blowing up food in advertising? First Electrolux exploded a bunch of unhealthy indulgences in a Brazilian ad for a fridge, and now Century21 is blowing up your least favorite Thanksgiving side dishes in a mindless but fun piece of pre-holiday marketing. Agency Mullen asked people on social media to vote on various foods, including jellied vs. whole berry cranberry sauce (above), mashed potatoes vs. mashed squash, creamed corn vs. creamed spinach, sweet potato casserole vs. green bean casserole, ambrosia salad vs. macaroni salad and more. The losers get the dynamite treatment.