The American Heritage Dictionary : You Are Your Words

These words.

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Jan 19, 2012

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To launch the 5th edition of the American Heritage Dictionary, agency Mechanica and interactive production company Lollipop created an interactive experience based around the concept that "You are your words."

On the site, you can upload a photo (or take one) and connect to Facebook or Twitter to pull in words from your social stream. You can also enter your own words. An application will create a portrait of you made up of your words. Uniquely, the site does not use HTML or Flash, and is built on Ruby on Rails infrastructure so even those without the latest browsers can use. Not sure if this is because those using (and celebrating) the dictionary are probably also not up to date on the latest edition of Chrome. Still, a nice way to celebrate a pretty amazing tome.


Jan 19, 2012
The American Heritage Dictionary
The American Heritage Dictionary
Creative Director/Partner:
Jim Garaventi
Creative Director/Partner:
Libby DeLana
Brand Director:
Julie Carney
Executive Producer:
Eric Freedman
Interactive Production Company:
Lollipop, Toronto

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