The Guardian : Voice Your Views -- Gun Control

Which side do you support?

Published On
Mar 04, 2013

Editor's Pick

The Guardian launches its first campaign in the U.S., which includes print/poster ads and a website out of BBH New York that extend its "Points of View" positioning to the things that matter stateside.

"Voice Your View" includes three out-of-home ads with illustrations from Israeli graphic designer Noma Bar depicting both sides of the debate that occupies many American minds: is government regulation more important than individual freedoms? That debate is characterized through three different scenarios, of women in the military, internet privacy and gun control. Each ad represents one side of the issue (for gun control, "Second Amendment") which, when flipped over, represents the other side ("Need an Amendment.")

There's also a microsite that asks readers to take a stand, encouraging them to pick their side on the various issues, take a picture of what they support and upload it to Instagram or Twitter using #voiceyourview. The site tracks views on where voters stand.