The Standard Turns Guests' Absurd Suggestions into 2014 Calendar

Hotel Teams with KesselsKramer and Thomas Mailaender for Project

Published On
Dec 17, 2013

Editor's Pick

What happens when you take weird suggestion notes, strange guests and internet pranks and interpret them into photographs? You get The Standard Hotel's 2014 calendar. Agency KesselsKramer and photographer Thomas Mailaender team up for the product, which visualized the sometimes strange, sometimes downright extraordinary comments guests made this year. For example, a note that said "Thank you for providing a refuge to recover from the harsh world of Los Angeles and its dog-eat-dog media business. I've been reborn a better man," was reinterpreted, with the team photographing an actual guest who happened to look a lot like Jesus.

Others used internet pranks to respond to comments. For example, a hallway was filled with 300 cups of water in response to a comment reading: "Hey Standard, Thanks a plenty for the most epic hangover of my life. And thanks even more for rehydrating me the next day. Sincerely."