Parents, How About Turning Your Kid Into a Child Soldier?

UNICEF Video Filmed at Brazil Student Exchange Fair Highlights Treachery Experienced by Real Children

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Oct 26, 2015

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To hammer home the message that millions of children lead lives of appalling deprivation and violence, UNICEF and Ogilvy Brazil set up a booth in Sao Paulo at a student exchange fair, where parents go to learn about the best study-abroad opportunities for their own kids.

At the fake booth called "ECA Exchange Programs -- changing children's lives," an enthusiastic actor posing as a salesperson pitches programs to increasingly horrified parents. Take, for example, the Child Revolutionary Program, where your child will be kidnapped and serve as a soldier in a real conflict; a program where kids focus 100% on study because there's no electricity or water; and an unpaid internship working at a dump or cutting sugar cane.

In the video #thereisstilltime (#aindadatempo in Portuguese), parents go through shock, outrage, sorrow and finally a desire to help as the actor explains that these aren't real programs, but are the experiences of real children, who need their help.


Oct 26, 2015
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Ogilvy & Mather-Brazil
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Fernando Musa
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Gonzalo Ricca
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Frederico Gasparian
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Renato Barreto
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Juliana Frana
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Rafael Rosi
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Alberto Lopes
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Chico Puech
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Paulo Disca
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Murilo Baskerville
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Equipe Vetor Zero
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Rodrigo Sobreiro
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Jeff Ferreira
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Giovana Grigolin
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Vandreia Ribeiro
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Camila Czerkes Santana Vigh
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Yuri Magalhes B. V. Souza
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Lucha Libre
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Paulinho Corcione
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Dani Celer
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