Research and testing fueled this depressing anti-texting and driving PSA

Unit9 and System 1 worked together on quantitatively researched ad

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Aug 08, 2018

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A new PSA on the dangers of texting and driving cuts throws you into a sweet love story--then leaves you hanging, right at the pivotal moment.

The film, created by agency System 1 and directed by Unit 9 duo A Common Future, unfolds in a series of text messages between an attractive young couple on their anniversary. He's waiting for her in the club where they met; however, she's late and is texting while she drives there along a scenic mountain road. Things look set to get romantic as he says he has something to ask her; she says she has news too. However, there's no next scene, and the next sentence never appears, as she crashes off the road.

Like many PSAs, the ad is designed to pack an emotional punch, but in this case it's been crafted and quantitatively tested to get the most emotive outcome. System 1 is an agency that boasts a model that promises emotion-triggering advertising that leads to results, guaranteed through its proprietary testing and rating system. "There's No Next If You Text" ranked in the top 1% of all films tested, in terms of emotional response.


Aug 08, 2018
System 1
System 1

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