These Valentine’s Day cards will sweet-talk your testicles into getting a vasectomy

Tombras and Ilana Glazer introduce ‘Cards to Nards,’ an effort to level the birth-control field post-Roe

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Feb 14, 2023
Ilana Glazer in the ‘Cards to Nards’ campaign

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Do testicles respond to flirty Valentine’s Day greetings? We’re about to find out, as agency Tombras has created some for World Vasectomy Day (WVD)—in an post-Roe effort to shift some of the responsibility for birth control and family planning away from those who actually get pregnant.

The initiative is called Cards to Nards. (Yes, nards are testicles.) At the website, you can share any of a number of cards, which have lovely little romantic ditties such as...

On this day of love I want you to remember
We don’t want a baby come November

I love you all the way from Earth to Venus
So do me a favor and disarm your penis

Photo of Cards to Nards greeting card

Photo of Cards to Nards greeting card

They also got the comedian Ilana Glazer to help out. She reads some of the cards in the video below, and generally urges those with testes to get on board with the program.

“I know several people who’ve gotten vasectomies, but I don’t hear it being talked about very much,” said Glazer. “So I was glad to help WVD spread the message of considering a post-Roe vasectomy as a way to play a role in birth control.” 


In addition to the digital cards, there are physical copies too. They also made upside-down heart lollipops that say “Unwanted Pregnancy Sucks” (a heart shape upside down looks like testicles) as well as some wild posts around New York City. Those sharing #CardstoNards on Instagram or Twitter have a chance to win the physical cards and the lollipops.

Cards to Nards lollipops

Cards to Nards wild postings

"At WVD, we are always seeking ways to link one’s personal choice to get a vasectomy to the collective impact this profound act of love has for what matters most,” said Jonathan Stack, co-founder of World Vasectomy Day. “Be it the well-being of our children, the health of our partner, the future of the planet, or access to a safe abortion everywhere, we believe that being kind and compassionate includes fighting for all of our reproductive rights. This brilliant campaign from Tombras creates awareness of vasectomies at a time when the options to avoid unwanted pregnancy in the U.S. are under attack. What better moment than Valentine’s Day to remind the world of this beneficial choice.”
“We want to make a meaningful impact in this post-Roe world, and partnering with World Vasectomy Day allows us to go directly to the source of unwanted pregnancies,” added Lindsay Stein, chief purpose officer of Tombras. “By increasing awareness about and consideration for getting a vasectomy, we hope to help balance the longstanding inequitable scales of reproductive health. We’re very proud of this purpose-driven work and can’t wait to find other partners with whom we can make a difference.”


Feb 14, 2023
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World Vasectomy Day
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