Papas Mourn Their Dad Bods in Bonds' Father's Day Campaign

From Stretch Marks to Late-Night Feedings, They Have a Lot to Be Sad About

Published On
Aug 16, 2016

Editor's Pick

Aussie underwear brand Bonds is no stranger to outrageous advertising, having previously looked at the world through the P.O.V. of a pair of balls. Now, the brand, via Clemenger BBDO, has debuted a humorously thoughtful examination of men and dadhood, ahead of Australia's Father's Day on September 4.

The set-up takes inspiration from those pensive brand films that capture folks coming to some sort of dramatic realization (take this film from Danish travel site Momondo, for example). Here, we see a bunch of soft-torsoed men sitting together wearing only their Bonds skivvies, contemplating their post-baby figures. "My ankles became swollen, I began getting stretch marks," one complains. Another mourns, "When we brought Tommy home, I was up every couple of hours feeding -- pizza, cured meats, cake," while a third gripes, "I saw David Beckham -- a week after childbirth and he's out running with no top on!"

The endline reads, "Think of father," bringing a funny twist that also gives moms sideways props.

But poor papas. They don't seem to realize that dad bods are a thing to be proud of.