AICE Camp Kuleshov : Third Place Winner 'The Maestro'

Horror Proves Big Winner at Editing Association's Annual Movie Trailer Contest

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Oct 23, 2013

Editor's Pick

Last night in New York, the Association of Independent Creative Editors held the its annual Camp Kuleshov contest, in which it challenges assistant editors to tranform classic films into trailers of a genre completely different from their source material. Northern Lights' Jon Simpson took first place for his cut that turned the 1984 feel good dance film "Footloose," into a sinister teen horror trailer "Screwloose," while Rebecca Canon of Crew Cuts turned Baz Lurhman's 1996 take on "Romeo and Juliet" into the more morbid "Romeo Vs. Juliet." The Whitehouse Assistant Editor Theo Mercado came in third place for making the 1962 musical "The Music Man" a frightening horror tale recasting character Professor Harold Hill as a demonic baddie.

Other honorees included Sarah Laties of Final Cut, who earned an honorable mention for turning Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" into a comedy and SuperExploder's Brady Hearn, who earned the first assistant audio engineer award for rescoring the chariot race from "Ben-Hur" as a sci-fi film.

See all the winners are the AICE website.