The Inept Teachers of 'Those Who Can't' Have Competition, Says D.C. Outdoor Ad

TruTV Is Latest Advertiser to Make a Sly Dig at Trump Administration

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Mar 02, 2017
Those Who Can't - No Longer the Most Unqualified

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The current administration has given TruTV fodder for its new ad promoting "Those Who Can't." Entering its third season this fall, the channel's first scripted comedy series is about a group of teachers who totally suck at teaching.

Meanwhile, in the real world, there's a lot of talk around education inadequacy right now, with the recent appointment of Betsy DeVos as the country's Secretary of Education, who, many have argued, is clearly unfit to serve in the position.

It seems TruTV has leveraged the news to make the teachers of "Those Who Can't" look a little more competent with this ad featuring the cast and the line, "They're no longer the most unqualified people in education."

Created out of new Boulder agency WorkInProgress, the ad doesn't directly point its finger at anyone, but according to Partner Matt Talbot, it had quite the strategic media placement. "We put this ad on 50 digital billboards around Washington D.C. for everyone to see," he said. "Including newly confirmed cabinet members."

"We're all about finding the funny in life and doing something with it," added TruTV SVP-Marketing & Digital Puja Vohra. "This just felt ... appropriate."