Victor Cruz Is Such a (Lovable) Weirdo in This Footlocker Ad

Ad Goes Inside the Heads of NY Giants Wide Receivers

Published On
Aug 19, 2015

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New York Giants wide receivers Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr. go a little nuts in BBDO N.Y.'s latest laffer for Footlocker. The new ad happens upon Cruz and Beckham Jr., as they first meet to prepare for the fall, decked out in the latest Footlocker gear.

On the surface, the two act as friendly teammates, but Cruz's plastic, Joker-like smile belies his real feelings. Cruz, of course, was sidelined for much of last year due to injury while Beckham drew the spotlight as a breakout star. Comedy ensues when the conversation they have overlaps wih the thoughts that are really running through their heads.

Directed by O Positive's Kenny Herzog, the ad supports the start of the NFL seaon and promotes the brands back-to-school offerings.