A Suburban Family Takes Care of a 700lb Tiger in This Magical WWF Spot

Campaign Also Includes a Personalized Kids' Book

Published On
Nov 18, 2016

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An injured tiger recuperates in the home of a suburban family in a new spot from WWF in the U.K., encouraging children to sign up to the charity as "tiger protectors."

In the spot, directed by Partizan's Martin Stirling for JWT London, the family nurse the tiger back to health in their home before it disappears back into the forest. The beautiful recreation of a 700lb big cat was rendered entirely in CGI by MPC (indeed, it's so realistic you'll be on the edge of your seat wondering if the family is actually safe as the tiger lies roaring on a bed and majestically descends their carpeted staircase.) Nevertheless, there's something magical about the film, and you might find yourself welling up as the magnificent beast returns to the wild through the kitchen door.

The spot encourages viewers to sign up to be "tiger protectors" by donating five pounds a month to WWF. Each person who signs up receives a free personalized children's storybook, which can be fully personalized with the child's name, gender, skin and hair colour.

Jasper Shelbourne, creative director at J. Walter Thompson London, said in a statement: "By making people "Tiger Protectors" we are bringing the audience much closer to the action, something manifested in the book, film and print. And, executionally there is something uniquely engaging about a 700lb tiger in a small bedroom in suburbia."