Runaway Tiguan

Fake Error404 page replaces images on websites in Brazilian campaign

Published On
May 13, 2013

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Brazilian agency Almap BBDO has made the VW Tiguan "disappear" from the internet in a digital promotion for VW Brazil. The agency published a statement on several portals, Facebook and the brand's own sites informing people that the car has run away from its own site to travel the world. A link takes users to the Tiguan site, which has been replaced by a fake Error 404 page, which says that the car took off to enjoy life and that to find it you have to click another link marked "search". This link takes the user to a Pinterest page showing pictures of the car all around the world. Another link, marked "If you want to enjoy life with it, click here" takes the user to a map of Brazil where they can locate their closest dealership.