No Hands Needed: Tilt Control Will Let the Physically Disabled (or Drivers) Use Google Glass

Isobar's Mike DiGiovanni Turns Glass Hands-Free

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Feb 27, 2014

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Google Glass is mostly controlled by voice, but you still have to reach up and touch a pad on the right side to turn it on and prime it for voice commands, and you do have to swipe and touch to move things along, especially for more complicated instructions.

But what about those who can't use their hands -- due to physical disabilities, or because they're driving, or cooking? Mike DiGiovanni, the Google Glass developed at Isobar who was behind Grand Theft Auto Hack and Winky has the solution. Tilt Control is a new app that lets you use Glass via head tilts and winking. The jury's still out on how normal movements like walking or moving your head might affect it, but this is definitely a step in a new direction for Glass.


Feb 27, 2014
Mike DiGiovanni

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