Time's 'Guns in America' cover by artist JR was months in the making

Magazine called it 'one of the most logistically challenging cover projects' in its 95-year history

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Oct 25, 2018

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The cover of Time's Nov. 5 issue, on newsstands Friday, involved a cast of hundreds and months of work, all masterminded by the French artist who goes by the name JR. In a statement, the magazine calls it "one of the most logistically challenging cover projects in Time's 95-year history. ... Over five months, JR and his team, along with a group of Time journalists, traveled to three cities—St. Louis, Mo.; Washington, D.C.; and Dallas—to record, one by one, people who represent the vast range of voices in America's gun debate."

A total of 245 people were photographed, and some of them come to life, so to speak, in the animated version of the cover produced for social media (as seen above). The newsstand/subscriber version of the cover is below.

Time Editor-in-Chief Edward Felsenthal introduces the issue and writes about the collaboration with JR in a note titled "Why Time Devoted an Issue to Guns in America."

The cover essay, written by Abigail Abrams, Melissa Chan and Karl Vick, appears online under the headline "Guns Have Divided America. Here's What Happens When 245 People Try to Meet in the Middle."

This is the print version of the cover, which appears in a fold-out format:

Credit: Meredith Corp.