Wieden + Kennedy : Timeline

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Apr 02, 2007

Editor's Pick

http://images.adage.com/bin/image/small/wiedken-timelineth07.jpg" class="small" align="left" url="http://www.adcritic.com/interactive/view.php?id=11906" target="new" caption="Wieden + Kennedy - 'WK.com'" slug="interactive" />For its 25th anniversary, http://www.wk.com/" target="_blank">Wieden + Kennedy tapped Flash guru http://marumushi.com/" target="_blank">Marcos Weskamp to sharpen up its Internet image. The result is a http://www.wk.com/" target="_blank">sprawling online gallery containing an enormous breadth of Wieden's work through the years, tied to a timeline and fully searchable. Weskamp says he first met with a Wieden representative in Toyko in November, and, studying a drawing on a napkin the rep had made on the airplane trip they hashed out the site. "The message we wanted to get across was the variety and mixture of so many things, clients, people, events, places that make W+K such a unique place," Weskamp says. "They seem to be extremely proud about their culture of chaos, at the same time they understand it is because of some inherent order how they manage to keep everything together. Chaos and order then became part of the message we wanted to get across as well." The design is classic Weskamp"http://marumushi.com/v2/index.cfm?t=works&id=10" target="_blank">starfield backgrounds, blinking loading messages and http://www.marumushi.com/apps/socialcircles/socialcircles.cfm" target="_blank">items that you can pull around the screen while they remain tethered to their mates. Weskamp himself was most proud of the database the team created. "We went from nothing until what you see today. On the backend we worked with Portland-based http://www.instrumentmarketing.com" target="_blank">Instrument Marketing. There's an extremely beefy Content Management System that makes updating the site really easy. It's an Ajax based Ruby on Rails application that kicks serious ass." Building a database isn't much without anything in it, and that task fell to Wieden staffers. So before their Founder's Day celebrations this Thursday and Friday they had to gut out loading the CMS with lots and lots of work. "It is also to note the amazing effort people at Wieden took to populate the whole thing," says Weskamp. "They've spent a good deal of long nights punching, editing and uploading content. But again, that would have been impossible without such a CMS. Today when W+K wants to update the site it is so easy to login, update content and publish. That thing is rock solid."

(We hate to say it, but great minds think alike"http://www.adcritic.com/news/creativity/detail/?q=49877" target="_blank">read more about Weskamp and other cutting-edge Interactive designers in our February Flash feature.)