As Brexit deadline looms, U.K. newspaper The Times turns Westminster station into a 'jungle'

Massive outdoor takeover follows print ads featuring U.K. Parliament as a zoo

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Oct 22, 2019

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U.K. politics have never been more crazy than they are at the moment, with the Brexit deadline of Oct. 31 looming and still no clarity on whether or not it will actually happen. 

So it's timely that newspapers the Times and Sunday Times, part of the Rupert Murdoch-owned News U.K., have expanded on their TV and print campaign. Politics Tamed, which debuted in February, had characterized Parliament as a zoo. Now, in a massive outdoor takeover, that zoo has become a "jungle."

Today, (Oct.22) sees Westminster underground station rebranded as "Westminster Jungle," complete with vines surrounding the station's exterior awning and creative featuring gorillas, hippos, snakes and more. Official station audio announcements will also refer to it as "Westminster Jungle." The lion and the unicorn from the Times' masthead, representative of bringing order to proceedings, will appear on ticket barriers.  Once again the campaign is by in-house agency Pulse Creative. 

“This activity has taken our political animals out of the zoo and into the jungle: something that we feel represents the shift in the political landscape since we launched the campaign six months ago," said Lynne Fraser, head of brand and campaigns at The Times and The Sunday Times in a statement. "Reflecting the mood of the nation in a refreshing way we want to reach out to audiences and reassure them that The Times and The Sunday Times are here to guide them through.”