A sexual harassment warning for post-pandemic Cannes Lions

Nonprofit TimeTo returns with campaign it debuted during the last live Lions festival

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Jun 16, 2022

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Ahead of the Cannes Lions next week, a new campaign from ad industry group TimeTo is warning of how sexual harassment is still a danger in the Riviera in 2022.

The campaign, by Lucky Generals, updates the organization's 2019 campaign, which warned delegates in a hard-hitting film of the kind of things that can happen late at night when someone wants to share your taxi.

TimeTo is running the film once again, together with the tagline "Where would you draw the line?" But this time, it's accompanied by a social element that updates the campaign for a post-pandemic word, with the kind of chat you might hear at Cannes this year.

For example, one social image reads: "So nice to see you/not on a screen/now I've got my hands on you/I'm not letting go/until you come for a drink/back at mine." Another reads: "It's been 3 years/since I've seen you/ on the beach/in a bikini/ if you don't count Instagram."

timeTo social campaign - Where do you draw the line?


“A lot has happened since summer 2019, and more importantly, a lot more awareness of sexual harassment has been raised," said Helen Calcraft, founder member of timeTo and founder of Lucky Generals, in a statement. "More stories are starting to come out into the open and more people are discussing the issue. So it is crucial that this film and its messaging reaches as many people as possible to remind everyone that while Cannes is a unique industry moment where we see the best of creativity the industry has to offer, it is also home to some of the most shocking and dangerous behavior.”

Calcraft added that “last year’s research proved people were worried about sexual harassment returning to the office with us—from boundaries being forgotten to pent up aggression. We must assume this is the same for Cannes, where there are factors that we know from our research that can exacerbate sexual harassment, such as alcohol and working away. The onus should not just be on those traveling to protect themselves, but on those sending them to protect them as well."

TimeTo was set up in 2018 by industry bodies WACL (the Women's Advertising Club of London), the Advertising Association and the National Advertising Benevolent Society. It is also urging senior leaders to look after their staff who are traveling to Cannes and put proper plans in place to protect them. This includes setting a good example themselves, as well as familiarizing themselves with the timeTo Code of Conduct on sexual harassment.