'Alice in Wonderland' Goes Corporate in This Finnish Ad

Tjäreborg/Thomas Cook Recreates Classic Tale in an Office Backdrop

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Jan 20, 2017

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Travel agent Tjäreborg/Thomas Cook recreates "Alice in Wonderland" in its latest spot from Finland, transforming "Alice" into a modern woman going to work in a futuristic-looking corporate environment. With shades of Apple's "1984" ad, it's all muted greys and full of dead-eyed corporate drudges, until she sees a weird (and also rather sinister) figure with a rabbit head beckoning her away. As she follows him, he becomes a cute white bunny, and next thing she's falling down a hole. Finally, she emerges on a beach, in brighter color, clutching the brand's membership card.

The spot was directed by Pekka Hara at Otto for Helskini agency Cassius. Although the sunny ending somewhat breaks the spell of the surreal set-up, the idea is memorable enough, and we're sure it'll strike a chord with sun-starved Scandinavians back at work in gloomy January.


Jan 20, 2017
Tjreborg/Thomas Cook
Tjreborg/Thomas Cook

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