VW Just Made a Commercial All About Toilets, But Why?

Spot From Argentina Humorously Captures Road-Trip Desperation

Published On
Dec 12, 2016

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A new commercial for Volkswagen's Cross UP model in Argentina captures a feeling everyone has probably experienced at one time or another -- taking a roadside toilet break when you can't hold it in any longer.

Directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz of Central Films North for DDB Argentina and filmed in stylized slo-mo, the spot humorously captures the desperation, and then relief, of various travelers heading for the toilets in gas stations, diners or in the great outdoors. Nothing -- not filthy bathrooms nor a line of seniors waiting -- is going to get in their way.

It's funny, but you may be wondering what needing to relieve yourself urgently has to do with Volkswagen. Keep watching to the end, and all will be revealed.