Bret Easton Ellis asks, 'What really happened?' in Placebo's New Video

Author provides V.O. in Saman Kesh's clip for 'Too Many Friends'

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Aug 08, 2013

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Director Saman Kesh, aka Saman Keshavarz, who recently joined the roster of Skunk, tells a Brett Easton Ellis-inspired tale of lust, treachery, drugs, deceit --and confusion --in this new music video for Placebo, for the band's new track "Too Many Friends." The scene opens poolside at a chic home, where an upper crusty school girl uses a champagne bottle to unleash her wrath on a pervy companion who gets a little too into her panties.

But the video --and its narrator, Mr. Ellis himself--beg for closer inspection of the three seconds-plus that have just occurred. The video goes on to dissect, via helpful infographic overlay, the many scenarios that could have led up to said scene. And in the end, the viewer is left with a series of options--but no final solution--as to what really went down.


Aug 08, 2013
Saman Keshavarz
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