P&G's Vicks Tells the Story of a Transgender Indian Mother and her Adopted Daughter

Brand Is Aiming to Redefine Family Care for Contemporary India

Published On
Mar 30, 2017

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Procter & Gamble brand Vicks centers an emotive new Asian campaign around a mother and her adopted daughter -- but it's not until later on in the spot we discover the whole story.

Created by Publicis Singapore predominantly for the Indian market, the ad is narrated by the daughter, Gayatri, who describes how was orphaned and then adopted. She describes how her mother, Gauri, loved and cared for her, how she pushes her academically to become a doctor and how they love to spend time togther eating their favorite food and watching horror movies.

However, at the end of the spot, which is beautifully directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, as we finally see the mother, it's revealed that Gauri is in fact transgender. Gayatri also reveals that she wants to be a lawyer, not a doctor, as she feels that her mother is denied "basic human rights."

The spot is part of a campaign centered around the tagline "Touch of Care," aimed at reasserting the importance of family care while challenging and seeking to redefine what family is in contemporary society.

According to Nitin Darbari, chairman and CEO, P&G Teva JV China, marketing director Asia, Middle East and Africa: "Vicks has always been about the gentle touch of a mother's care, as she caresses and gives relief to her child. With the #TouchOfCare campaign we are going a step further and expounding the importance of care beyond just the traditional perception of family. The campaign shows how people who, though not connected by blood, end up being family through care itself."