Toyota's face-swap tech puts fans into reggaeton singer Lunay's music video

The initiative from Conill encourages sharing the final results

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Aug 20, 2021

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Fans of reggaeton singer Lunay have flocked to the new single “Todo O Nada” and its music video, which also doubles as a spot for Toyota. But each viewer is potentially watching a slightly different version of the video, due to an interactive face-swap from Conill running through Sept. 28.

While watching on a mobile device, fans can take a selfie to see their face superimposed on one of the characters in the music video, which is itself inspired by explorable video game environments. There are only two characters, one male and one female, to choose from, so users with frames (or hairlines) that differ from the actors’ may get incongruous results. (Yours truly has never been this swole.)

The face-swapped video is downloadable and shareable. Registered users are also entered to win a virtual meet-and-greet with Lunay himself later this year.