This Trans Day of Visibility campaign aims to counter the loneliness of isolation

Social campaign from Leo Burnett encourages trans and nonbinary people to be out and loud while they're inside

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Mar 31, 2020

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With entire cities distancing themselves to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it can be tough not to feel invisible and far from community. That’s hard for everyone, but for trans people, it can be particularly isolating.

Suicidal ideation is 12 times higher among trans people than the general population, so many trans people have spent years choosing friends and support groups that provide the affirmation and encouragement often withheld by family or society. But those communities are hidden behind closed doors now.

A new campaign for Trans Day of Visibility today encourages trans and nonbinary people to share their stories online, where others can see them.

Influencers including Trucksluts Mag founder Tiffany Saint-Bunny, Laurence Philomene, Julia Kaye, J Aprileo, Sky Cubacub, Theo Germaine, Shea Diamond, Ryan Munroe Bergdorf, Alok Menon and Jiz Lee will share gifs and selfies with filters created by Leo Burnett and members of Publicis Groupe’s Égalité team.



Today (March 31) is #TransDayOfVisibility. @TransLifeLine has invited me to join #WeSeeUs, asking: "What does trans visibility mean to us, as a community?" (Note: This is a way trans people can reflect on the ways we support each other when we truly see each other, irrespective of visual sight. Had to include that!) They write: Visibility without structural and economic support doesn't transform the material conditions of our lives. Visibility is useful to trans people when it helps us secure the support and resources we need to survive and thrive -- when it helps us find community. #WeSeeUs redefines visibility as the acknowledgement and support given by trans people to trans people, because being seen and supported by other trans people is what’s vital to our survival and our ability to flourish. It was through queer porn that I found the community to thrive and the validation to be out. The most influential person early on was performer Papí Coxxx who saw me and showed me I could advocate for myself, and in doing so make space for others. I thank Papí for this! (Please check out their project @Heal2End!) Finding this potential in porn has been vital. Each time someone tells me they see themself in my work, I feel seen too. This positive energy has the power to make lasting change through actions small and personal. We are capable and deserving of a happy and healthy sexuality. I believe we can be mirrors with the power to uplift and help each other shine. Follow @TransLifeline to celebrate and recognize the positive work trans people do for each other, and create your own #WeSeeUs post! Post a photo or story today with the #WeSeeUs hashtag and tag @translifeline. Encourage others to do the same! Include a story of when you’ve felt seen by another trans person, or what you see in our community. Please lend your support to @TransLifeLine if you can. As we support trans people dealing with increased isolation and diminished access to medical care during the COVID19 pandemic, we appreciate all the ways our community uplifts our work of connecting trans people to emotional and financial support. We see you, too! Photo: @AllanAmato (thanks for seeing me!)

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Mar 31, 2020
Client :
Trans Lifeline
Agency :
Leo Burnett/Arc
Trans Lifeline Co-Lead Creative :
Len Sheth
Creative Co-Lead :
Britt Meyer
PM Lead :
Julia King
Strategy Lead :
Lisa Ivy
Account Lead :
Charlie Volanakis
Strategy :
Richie Caudill
Art Direction :
Isabella Guardia
Production Design :
Emily Julstrom
Copy :
Jessie Cadle
Copywriter :
Andy Karol
Egalite Chicago co-lead :
Andrew McKernan
Egalite Chicago co-lead :
Aldo Hernandez
Designer :
Kaitlyn Mulroney
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Kyle Eby

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