Trident : Eununca Runway

Things you would never do in a crowd.

Published On
Nov 03, 2011

Editor's Pick

To promote the launch of Trident Sensations in Brazil, Espalhe Guerrilha Marketing last weekend set up a mirrored installation in downtown Sao Paulo that let people do exactly as they liked in a busy city street - without being seen.

Called the #Eununca Runway (which, translated as '#inever' in Portuguese, is one of the most popular Twitter hashtags in Brazil), it consisted of an 18 square meter mirrored box that allowed whoever was inside it to see what was happening on the street, without people outside being able to look in. Brazilian celebrities including soap opera star Caio Castro and synchronized swimmers Bia and Branca took part in the stunt (alongside two ordinary people, chosen via Facebook, who were allowed to peek at the celebrities before they did what they decided to do in the box). Meanwhile, a strategically placed 'confessional' webcam allowed people to show the world just thirty seconds of their liberating moment.