Scroll or Drown: POV Film Encourages Life Jacket Use in the Most Visceral Way

Guy Cotten, a Marine Clothing Brand, Works With CLM BBDO for Web Experience

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Apr 23, 2014

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Guy Cotten, a marine clothing and safety equipment brand, worked with CLM BBDO for "Sortie en Mer," a beautifully shot film that starts off on a gorgeous day aboard a yacht, where you and a friend are sailing. The experience is filmed from your perspective, and a few minutes in, you fall into the depths of the ocean. Then, you have to scroll, as hard as you can, to keep yourself above the surface. That of course, is enormously exhausting, so you will give up. Then come the few moments before your death, which are also somberly, beautifully portrayed.

The film, directed by Ben Strebel and produced by Wanda Digital/Grouek encourages life jacket use by showing you just what it is like to drown, and how you tire faster when you're at sea.


Apr 23, 2014
Guy Cotten
Guy Cotten
Ben Strebel

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