Coke Turns Its Iconic Ribbons Into a Fist Bump for Mexican Campaign

Teen-Focused Effort Riffs Off 2012 Award-Winning Campaign

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Apr 24, 2015
True Friendship

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In Mexico, Coke has transformed its iconic ribbon design to form two hands in a fist bump as part of a friendship-themed campaign designed to appeal to teens. The campaign riffs off Coke's award-winning outdoor campaign from 2012, for which designer Jonathan Mak tweaked the brand's iconic swirls to resemble a handshake. This time, the Mexican campaign encourages teens to "celebrate a true friend" by mimicking the fist bump ribbon with photos of handshakes, Vines, or Instagram photos using the hashtag #VerdaderoAmigo (or #TrueFriend).

The fist bump ribbon will also appear on packaging, while other related merchandising will include cell phone cases featuring the design, an ear bud splitter so you can share your music, and a device that allows you to share your mobile phone battery with a friend who is running low. A TV spot and MTV documentaries centering on friendship will also appear. Teen favorite One Direction also feature -- the track "Clouds" from their fourth album will be used throughout the "True Friendship" campaign, while the band will also appear in print and vines. Pereira & O'Dell is responsible for the advertising.