This Brand Sent Its Bedding to Trump So He'll Sleep Better and Stop Tweeting

Work in Progress Creates Inauguration Stunt for 37.5 Technology

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Jan 19, 2017

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How does a humble bedding company get a say during the goings-on of Inauguration week? 37.5 Technology has found a way.

The company has sent its 37.5 Technology Sleep System to Donald Trump, and is tweeting him along the lines that it hopes he will get a better night's sleep and get off Twitter at 3AM. Tweets will track the package, which includes sheets embroidered with "For Presidential Use Only," and confirm when it's arrived.

The campaign, by Boulder, Colorado-based Work in Progress (the startup founded by the ex-CP&B employees behind Domino's emoji ordering), promotes the fact that the Sleep System is designed to help your body stay in a comfortable sleeping environment. The patented technology includes active particles embedded in the fabric that accelerate evaporation if you're warm, or retain heat if you're cold.

We wonder if the package will make it past security -- and also, are the sheets waterproof?



Jan 19, 2017
37.5 Technology
37.5 Technology

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