Two Trump Lookalikes Make Out on NYC Streets in Latest Anti-Donald Stunt

Because 'Trump Only Loves Himself'

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Oct 13, 2016

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As the U.S. election nears, the idea of a potential President Donald Trump seems to have fired up the creative community as never before this week. Here's the latest from Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, the New York designers who have already entertained us with a video featuring kids talking about Trump. Because, they say, "Trump doesn't love America, he only loves himself," they set up a stunt in which two Trump lookalikes went out into the streets of New York and made out with each other.

We're looking forward to seeing what else these two come up with. Check out Walsh and Goodman's campaign site, which encourages registration to vote.


Oct 13, 2016
Brand :
I'm With Her BC He's Cray
Client :
I'm With Her BC He's Cray
Creative :
Jessica Walsh
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Timothy Goodman
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