The Suggestive Trump-Pence Logo Is Fueling All Kinds of Comedic Creativity

The Internet Had a Field Day With the Intertwined Letters

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Jul 15, 2016
Trump/Pence logo

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Donald Trump is known for offending entire demographic groups -- including women, Hispanics and Muslims -- but today he may have taken things too far. In the wake of Mr. Trump naming Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, the Trump campaign has unveiled a new Trump-Pence logo that has graphic designers everywhere throwing up in their mouths a little bit -- and concerned parents shielding the eyes of their innocent children.

The logo brazenly depicts the stem of the "T" in Trump fully penetrating the "P" in Pence, inspiring a cornucopia of creative comedic rants on social media. On Twitter, Matt Negrin of Bloomberg Politics commented that it "looks like a forbidden sex act that Pence would definitely not be OK with," and then promptly delivered a SFW version. Meanwhile, Todd Zwillich of WNYC detected a bro-ish attitude in the rapey "T": "Hey girl, you into Trump? Cuz I can see my T all up in your P."

Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida stopped short of using the "F" word but was still able to convey his interpretation of the logo: "This logo accurately represents what Trump Pence will do to America." And, you might want to clear your browser history after you hit the "play" button on this GIF served up by Samantha Bee, with the line "Breaking the mattress of America."

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UPDATE: As of Saturday, the Trump Campaign had scrubbed the logo from its site as of Saturday, as reported by Daily Kos.