Trump's Spin Doctor Is a Nine-Year-Old Girl, According to This Spot About Equal Pay

Ad From Belgium Addresses the Gender Pay Gap

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Feb 22, 2017

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A campaign from Belgium manages to address the gender pay gap and make fun of Donald Trump at the same time.

Created by Brussels agency Mortierbrigade for Equal Pay Day Europe, the spot is a mockumentary featuring a dad who's so worried about his daughter's earning potential he sends her out to work at age nine, as that's the only way she'll earn as much money in her lifetime as a man.

The little girl finds a job in which she has to don a headset and say various simple phrases -- some of which might sound vaguely familiar. "They said I'd be terrific for the job, because I speak my mind and don't try to seem smarter than I am," she tells us -- before it's revealed she's actually working as a speech prompter to Donald Trump (who, the agency points out in its press release, uses language that compares to a fourth grader).

It's an interesting idea, even if the Trump joke could perhaps have been spelled out a little clearer. Deben Van Dam at production company Hamlet directed the spot, eliciting nice performances from the little girl and her father.


Feb 22, 2017
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Equal Pay Day Europe
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Equal Pay Day Europe
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