Milo Targets Tiger Moms in its Latest Ad

Kids Make You Wonder, 'Is #1 Really Worth It?'

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Aug 12, 2015

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Advertising has frequently used the mouths of babes to shed light on cultural ills. Always' "Like a Girl" is an obvious example, but even back in the day, there was the classic ad "When I Grow Up" for

In Malaysia, Ogilvy & Mather Kuala Lumpur has brought the little ones to the stage to highlight the controverial "Tiger Mom" issue that put the "extreme" parenting of some Asian cultures in a harsh spotlight.

In this heart-tugging video, a handful of kids are invited to step onto a winners' podium with three steps -- numbered 3, 2 and 1. Most of the kids don't think twice about taking the top spot, and when they explain why, it might just break your heart. "My mom will hug me and kiss me," says one. "Later my mom will tell me to sleep outside," says another.

Some readers (like us) might feel a bit offended by the ad's finger-pointing at mothers (what about the dad?), but apparently, the agency and brand's research showed that it was a subject worth exploring, at least for Milo customers.

"For years Milo has held conversations with Malaysian mothers about the best ways to raise children with the spirit of a champion," the agency said in a statement. "Through this we discovered something curious. Children pushed to always be the best in their chosen activity, gave up faster when faced with setbacks. Is it that they lack the patience and determination to push through challenges and setbacks? Or is it our own unrealistic expectations as parents that ultimately set our children up for failure? With these questions in mind, we created the Milo Social Experiment."


Aug 12, 2015
Milo Malaysia
Milo Malaysia

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