Asics Personal Trainers Will Kick Your Butt as You Use Its Fitness App

Inamoto & Co Created Brand Design for Mobile-Based Subscription App

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Feb 07, 2018

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Asics doesn't just want you to buy its shoes and get fit -- it wants to act as your personal trainer.

The footwear brand has just debuted Asics Studio, a mobile app that helps support your workouts by giving users audio workouts with encouragement from "butt kicking" personal trainers.

The subscription-based mobile app aims at recreating the ambience of a real fitness studio wherever the user may be. ASICS created it in collaboration with the team behind Runkeeper, the running app acquired by ASICS in 2016, while Inamoto & Co developed the brand design system.

Users can choose from a variety of workouts, created by professional trainers in strength training, fusion, outdoor running, treadmill, elliptical and indoor cycling. They can look at videos, listen to audio prompts and it's all set to "upbeat" music selected by the trainers.

Rei Inamoto, founder of Inamoto & Co, says in a statement: "What was once limited only to physical gear can now be made available to millions of people around the world via digital services like ASICS Studio-- and future services from the ASICS team."

The app is available via the Apple app store in the U.S, and will be launched on Google Play later this year.