A partier scarfs down an ungodly number of sausages in this wacky spot with a deeper meaning

Replace the hot dogs with beer bottles and the message becomes clear

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Oct 21, 2019

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Peer pressure makes people do strange things—hair styles, clothes, diets are all malleable under the weight of friends’ expectations. So it doesn’t seem so strange when a bunch of European twenty-somethings browbeat each other into scarfing down fistfuls of offal in an oddly intense spot for Danish safety nonprofit TrygFonden.

Mads is a 24-year-old with a big friend group. They go out all the time, partying and dancing into the night. But inevitably, things get a little awkward when the sausages come out, like they always do.

From big, floppy links to small wieners and everything in between, the kids love sausages and eat them to celebrate the beginning of the night, the end of the night, even times when they’re bored and just hanging out. And though Mads doesn’t really like sausages, he always tucks in with a resigned chomp.

Even when the pressure gets the best of him and he finally snaps, the weird looks from his friends force him back into line. Of course, no one is actually pushing sausages onto their friends, but replace the brats with brews and the allegory becomes clear.

The spot is by Copenhagen agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded and is a partnership with the Danish Cancer Society.


Oct 21, 2019
Agency :
Robert/Boisen & Like-minded

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