TurboTax says If you can catch spiders or have a baby, you can do your taxes

New campaign from Wieden & Kennedy says 'all people are tax people'

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Jan 06, 2020

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A new campaign from TurboTax aims to drive home the idea that  “all people are tax people.”

The effort from Wieden & Kennedy debuted on New Year's and will also run on the Super Bowl. It aims to instill confidence in people doing their taxes themselves.

It reminds people they accomplish amazing things every day like having a baby, growing a mustache and trapping monsters. If they can do those things, they can surely do their own taxes (with some help from TurboTax, of course).

The first commercial in the new campaign ran during the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1. TurboTax will run a new spot during Super Bowl LIV.  

This is TurboTax’s seventh consecutive Super Bowl commercial. The Big Game has been a natural fit for the company since it takes place just as tax season gets underway. In 2019, it ran an ad promoting TurboTax Live, which featured “Robochild,” a robot-child that wanted to grow up to be a TurboTax CPA, but he learns that he cannot do the job since TurboTax CPAs are humans with real emotions.




Jan 06, 2020
Wieden & Kennedy-Portland
Executive Creative Director:
Jason Bagley
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Eric Baldwin
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Kevin Jones
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