Even Dead Hollywood Stars Are Tweeting About Trump

Godzilla Admits 'I'm Quite Scared, To Be Honest'

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Oct 21, 2016

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Twitter has played a big role in this presidential election cycle, especially from Donald Trump's side. Now a new group has found a voice, or at least 140 characters, in "Tweets From the Stars," with the idea of "tweeting for those who can't tweet."

In Hollywood's Walk of the Stars, 25 printouts of tweets were "posted" on the stars of various Hollywood legends, from the perspective of how they might have felt about Mr. Trump. Charles Chaplin's tweet simply said "The Great Dictator, part 2" while Godzilla admitted "I'm quite scared, to be honest." "A clown with an orange nose" was attributed to Robin Williams, and to jazz trumpeter Miles Davis: "This Trump doesn't sound right."

During the stunt, people dressed as some of the tweeting stars like Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson mingled with passersby who stopped to read the Twitter posts and snap photos. Ms. Monroe's tweet focused on Mr. Trump's opponent: "Happy birthday, Miss President, happy birthday to you." (Since starting his presidential bid, Mr. Trump's own star on the Walk of Fame has been defaced repeatedly, from a Bernie Sanders sticker to an attack with a sledgehammer).

Tweets From the Stars was done by a group of Hispanic creatives in Los Angeles under the name O1. In addition to the American and British stars, they included tweets in Spanish from salsa queen Celia Cruz and Mexican comedian Cantinflas.


Oct 21, 2016
Founder/Creative Director:
Curro Chozas
Co-Founder/Creative Director:
Pablo Lopez
Art Director:
Antonio Mora
Art Director:
Yolanda Angulo
Sound Design:
Juan Manuel Leguizamon
Assistant Camera:
Shad Thompson
Pascui Rivas

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