Sprint Punked Verizon With a Store Selling Items at Twice the Price

Why Pay Less When You Can Pay Double?

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Jul 21, 2017

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Earlier today, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure tweeted out this bizarre ad for a store that, for some reason, seems to think it's cool to sell goods at twice the price they normally go for.

In the spot store owner Uncle Danny delivers a sales pitch pimping everyday goods at double the going rate -- $1 party supplies go for $2, $15 toilet paper packs for $30, $10 motor oil for $20.

"It's better because it costs more," he says. But don't take just his word for it -- customers like Maria and Craig back him up. "I used to have twice the money, but not anymore," Craig says. "Twice the Price Store saved my life!"

"Can you BELIEVE this guy? Who has the nerve to charge customers #twicetheprice?! [😂] " Sprint's Claure wrote in his post sharing the ad.

If it sounds like a big joke, it is. Toward the end of the spot, the camera pulls out to show that the Twice the Price store sits right next to a Verizon storefront (and looks a lot like it as well!). Copy reads, "Right next to Verizon. Waste your money with us too." The fine print then reveals that the ad was "Brought to You By Sprint," sending viewers to the marketer's website and customer service line.

It's all part of the latest Sprint campaign from Droga5, which involves a real Twice the Price pop-up store, open only Friday, July 21, at 69-43 Grand Ave. in Flushing Queens. (Check out customers' reactions to the shop.) Turns out the goods aren't really for sale, but for display only, as stated in Sprint's cheeky press release, quoting the fictional Uncle Danny.

"People ask me how I came up with this genius idea and I told them, 'If Verizon can charge customers twice as much for four lines of Unlimited, why can't I?'" his statement reads. "Did I copy Verizon? No, I was just inspired by their over-the-top pricing and the billions of dollars they've made. I wanted to give customers a similar experience in my store. We'll sell anything for twice the price!"

The campaigns promote Sprint's offer of unlimited data for four lines at $22.50 for each, which is half Verizon's rate of $45 for the same.