Showtime Teases 'Twin Peaks' Superfans With Mysterious Cherry Pie Billboards

Unbranded Outdoor Campaign Is Running in Locations Specific to the Show

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Mar 22, 2017
Twin Peaks Teaser Billboards

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Showtime has been targeting superfans of the returning cult show "Twin Peaks" with an outdoor campaign ahead of its debut on May 21.

The unbranded billboards feature nothing but a heart-shaped cherry pie, with a zig zag crust. Another billboard shows the "missing" piece of the pie. That might not seem like much of a clue except for very clued-in fans, were it not for the locations of the bilboards, which are all Twin Peaks-specific.

They include Seattle, near where the series was made; Missoula, Montana, hometown of character Laura Palmer's cousin and birthplace of show creator David Lynch; Pittsburgh, where Agent Dale Cooper was stabbed by his former partner and Philadelphia, where Cooper was once stationed.

The goal of the campaign is to give the Twin Peaks fans a special nod and create some buzz among the community -- and it's already been noted on social media.